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20th of August 2015: UK Health Research Analysis 2014 publication today

The third in the quinquennial series of influential landscaping reports is released today, providing a ten year view of health research funding in the UK. The 2014 analysis shows that spending on health research has increased by almost £130m, although the rate of growth has slowed considerably in the last five years. The most noticeable trend over the last decade shows an increase in the proportion of funding into translational research activities.

Full details can be found on the UK Health Research Analysis 2014 main page.

Further news on the 2014 analysis, including links to articles, blogs and published re-use of the report and it's data, can be found here.

1st of November 2014: UK Health Research Analysis 2014 underway

Work on the third in the quinquennial HRCS report series has begun, and the first data collection process is in progress. Details of the procedures on supplying data can be found on the Data Analysis pages.

2012: UK Health Research Analysis 2009/10

The latest analysis report based on the HRCS is now available. The analysis repeats the original UK Health Research Analysis of 2004/05 and shows the major changes in the UK health research landscape after an interval of 5 years.

2008: Medical Research: What's it worth? Estimating the economic benefits from medical research in the UK

This report commissioned by the Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust and Academy of Medical Sciences demonstrated major financial and social benefits from investment in medical research. The report also made a number of recommendations for future consideration, including the adoption of a standardised way of classifying research funding, citing the HRCS as an example.

2007: Common Mistakes

A document is available highlighting some common mistakes which novice users can make when coding using the HRCS.