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UKCRC Health Research Classification System

About HRCS

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The UK Health Research Analysis 2022 – the fifth in the UK nationwide analysis series – is now available. See our dedicated pages for more details.


Welcome to the HRCS website

This website is an information resource for those who want to learn how to use the Health Research Classification System (HRCS) and a reference source and manual for those already using the system and our UK Health Research Analysis report series. It provides online access to all the codes and categories of the HRCS.

  • You can get a copy of the HRCS manual in PDF format for review or printing.
  • You can read our reports, showing how the HRCS has been used to strategically assess health research funding in the UK
  • You can download the data from these reports to conduct your own meta-analyses

Origins and future of the HRCS

  • The HRCS was developed by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) Partners and was designed to produce a broad strategic overview of health research funding
  • Since 2004 the HRCS has been used by UK health research funders and internationally to classify and strategically assess award portfolios
  • The HRCS was the basis for five major reports about the UK’s health research funding which have had a major impact
  • Read more about how the HRCS is used across the UK and internationally
You can download the most recent analysis (2022) here

What is the HRCS?

The Health Research Classification System (HRCS) is a bespoke system for classifying the full spectrum of biomedical and health research – from basic to applied – across all areas of health and disease.

Read all about the key features of the classification system Download the HRCS manual

Also available on this website

  • You can find out much more about the two arms of the HRCS;
  • Browse our extensive guidance for bespoke topics of research that are more difficult to code
  • You can download a number of analysis tools for use with the HRCS, or to replicate the analysis with your own portfolio data
  • Want to know even more about the HRCS? You can contact us