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UKCRC Health Research Classification System


While much of the HRCS documentation focuses on coding, one of the main uses of the HRCS in the UK is to regularly provide a snapshot of nationwide funding of biomedical research. The UK Health Research Analysis report series was begun in 2004 and has provided an invaluable and increasingly comprehensive source of information for strategic decision making.

In this section:

  • Analysis Reports
    Provides access the main UK Health Research Analysis reporting series, download the reports and supplementary information.
  • Analysis Data
    Provides access to the complete datasets for the five reports in the UK Health Research Analysis series.
  • Analysis Tools
    A resource to help those interested in replicating the UK Health Research Analysis, including freely available tools and spreadsheets for you to download.
  • Additional Resources
    Some useful external collections of health research information, including the “What’s it worth?” series, WHO Global Observatory and World RePORT.