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UK Health Research Analysis 2022

The fifth in our UK analysis series is officially published

The UK Health Research Analysis 2022the fifth iteration of our nationwide health research landscaping report series – has been published.

Begun in 2023, the UK Health Research Analysis 2022 provides the most detailed overview yet of UK health research funding from all public sectors, including the governments of the four nations of the UK, charities, societies, and professional bodies.

The analysis consists of more than 23,500 health and biomedical research awards from 173 organisations accounting for an estimated expenditure of just over £5.0 billion in the calendar year 2022.

As with previous analyses, our aim is to provide a high-quality overview of the UK’s health research landscape; the conditions of focus, the types of research being conducted, where that research is being done, and how this compares to the wider UK R&D ecosystem and health research internationally.

As the fifth report in our series, we now provide an 18-year overview of the changes in the UK’s health research landscape since 2004. 

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Citing the UK Health Research Analysis 2022

When citing the report and/or onward use of the dataset please use the following acknowledgement:

“UK Health Research Analysis 2022 (UK Clinical Research Collaboration , 2023)”.

Note that this report was in early access from December 2023, and formally published on 1st of February 2024.

The reports in the UK Health Research Analysis series, their associated data and the HRCS coding system are available for onward use as part of our creative commons licence. We encourage replication and further examination of the wealth of data this series provides to participating organisations, stakeholders in UK health research and the wider public.

If you have any questions at all regarding this or previous analyses then please contact us.


Data visualisation

Note – You may find the visualisation works best by accessing it directly from the Tableau Public website:

To provide an alternative to the static report – and an opportunity for individual organisations to view their own data – we have provided an interactive Tableau dashboard which consists of two pages:

  • Funder level information providing details of 2022 expenditure by funding organisation, HRCS Health Category and Research Activity
  • A geographical distribution of the 2022 expenditure by UK region and city

You can also find additional details (‘tool tips’, such as exact values) by hovering over with your cursor.


Background to the UK Health Research Analysis 2022

Work on this analysis began in earnest in April 2023, to ensure data from the latest financial year end was ready for inclusion. To lay the ground work and facilitate participation in this analysis, we produced the following detailed documentation:

If you are interested in learning more about the efforts made across the many participating funders in this analysis, please  contact us.


Dr Jim Carter, MRC (part of UKRI)

Chair of the Health Research Analysis Forum