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UKCRC Health Research Classification System

Analysis tools

The HRCS is an analytical framework where assigned codes are directly linked to award funding using a standardised coding and apportionment system. This means that amounts of investment associated with specific areas of research can be analysed in a reproducible manner with no double counting of total award funds.

If you are considering recreating the UK Health Research Analysis, we recommend you begin by looking through the various guidance documents produced for the 2014 analysis report, which included:

We also published a paper in 2016 on the pros and cons of performing the analysis available from the journal Health Research Policy and Systems. Alternatively, you can contact us if you have further queries and we will be happy to assist you.


Analysis of award data using Excel / Power BI

If you are familiar with spreadsheets, you can perform the more basic pivot-based assessment of award data using features of Excel (via the add in Power Query) and/or Power BI. Some guidance on this is available via this draft document. We intend to produce a more formal update to this once a new analysis is approved.


Original Analysis Tools

For the analysis in 2009/10, a  number of simple tools were developed to enable analysis using the HRCS, as follows:

There are detailed explanatory comments in each of the spreadsheets. The MS Access database is used to import from the data entry spreadsheet and then export in the correct format to the analysis spreadsheet. The process is explained in this document. Please note however that as Excel and Access have been updated, it has become difficult to recreate these previous methods on more modern versions of the software.