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UKCRC Health Research Classification System

3.3 Nutrition and chemoprevention

Main inclusion criteria

Research on chemopreventative agents and health protective effects of nutrients including

  • development, characterisation and mechanism of action
  • chemical contraceptives
  • testing and evaluation in model systems and clinical, applied and community settings
  • evaluation of evidence to inform policy


Advice on research activities

Includes studies focused on the potentially health protective effects of specific nutrients, probiotics and nutritional supplements plus chemopreventative studies including oral contraceptives.

Excludes general epidemiological studies of the effects of nutrition on health or association with disease.

Excludes studies where nutrients, probiotics and/or nutritional supplements are used as therapeutics treatments. Such studies should be coded as 5.1 Pharmaceuticals if in pre-clinical development or 6.1 Pharmaceuticals if in a clinical/applied setting.

Exclude studies on microbiota transplantation. These are consider cell treatments and should be coded as 5.2 Cellular and Gene Therapy for pre-clinical or 6.2 Cellular and Gene Therapy for clinical/applied.

Official terminology

Full name of code

Short name Unique ID
3.3 Nutrition and chemoprevention 3.3 Nutrition



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