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UKCRC Health Research Classification System

3.1 Primary prevention interventions to modify behaviours or promote well-being

Main inclusion criteria

Development, implementation and evaluation of interventions to modify personal or group behaviours and lifestyles affecting health and well-being including

  • risk behaviours associated with diet, tobacco use, physical activity, alcohol consumption, sexual health and substance misuse
  • age, gender, cultural or religious practices
  • public health policy, health communication and educational interventions
  • behavioural, psychological, social and physical interventions


Advice on research activities

Includes behavioural interventions aimed at primary disease prevention or health protection.

Excludes epidemiology studies establishing cause or incidences of these behaviours which should be coded within the 2 Aetiology code group.

Official terminology

Full name of code

Short name Unique ID
3.1 Primary prevention interventions to modify behaviours or promote wellbeing 3.1 Primary prevention



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