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UKCRC Health Research Classification System


Main inclusion criteria

Dermatological conditions and normal skin development and function.


Advice on health categories

Many dermatological conditions are associated with an inflammatory or allergic response. Code to the disease under investigation and not to the accompanying response. This means conditions such as psoriasis and eczema would normally be coded as 100% Skin. However studies of allergies in patients with dermatological conditions can be coded as 50% Inflammatory and Immune System for allergies and 50% Skin.

Similarly infections of the skin should be coded as 100% Infection. However studies of skin infections for patients with pre-existing dermatological conditions can be coded as 50% Infection and 50% Skin.

Studies of ulcers would normally be coded to Skin. However in studies of ulcers in a particular patient population, such as diabetics, the guidance for sequelae and side effects of disease should be followed and the study should be coded to include the additional health category for the underlying condition:

e.g. Venous ulcers would be coded 50% Skin, 50% Cardiovascular.

e.g. Diabetic skin ulcers would be coded 50% Skin, 50% Metabolic and Endocrine.


Official terminology

Full name of category

Short name Unique ID
Skin Skin



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