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UKCRC Health Research Classification System

UK Health Research Analysis 2018


The fourth in our UK report series launches in January 2019

We are pleased to announce that the UK Health Research Analysis 2018 – the fourth in the nationwide health research landscaping report series –  will be published in Autumn 2019. This is an analysis of health and biomedical research awards active in the calendar year 2018 from 145 organisations.

Data collection for the analysis ran from January to June 2019, and we are now in the final stages of report preparation. Below is a summary for new funders we prepared to introduce the aims and purpose of the report to those new to the analysis. If you are unfamiliar with the analysis series, this may answer some of your initial questions.

For those wishing to know more, on our sub–pages you will also find:

If you have any questions at all regarding this or previous analyses then please contact us.


UK Health Research Analysis 2018: An introduction for new funders

Since 2004, the UK Health Research Analysis report series has provided an increasingly comprehensive overview of non-commercial health research funding in the UK. The four previous reports have been disseminated widely in the UK and had a major impact, providing the basis for high level strategy discussions and informing a number of joint funding initiatives. Further details on the previous reports, their usage and their impact are available via the HRCS website.

With each subsequent report the number of participating organisations and volume of data collated has grown, provide a more nuanced and complete view of the health research landscape. However there are still many organisations which contribute to this wider view of health research who have not previously participated. A primary aim of the UK Health Research Analysis 2018 to become as comprehensive as possible, meaning we are actively seeking to include data from as many organisations as we can.

To join this 2018 analysis, participate organisations need to provide just two things:

  • Data on the health-relevant proportion of your funding portfolio for the analysis.
    • This includes any type of funding mechanisms you use, from grants to contracted research projects to support for research infrastructure.
    • To be included in the main analysis requires sufficient detail (e.g. start/end dates, value, titles and abstracts or equivalent project summaries) to allow the funded research to be classified using the Health Research Classification System (HRCS), the bespoke coding system developed for these nationwide landscaping analyses.
    • However if such data is unavailable, we can incorporate bulk data on health-relevant expenditure into our broader analysis of health R&D funding. Absence of coding or code-able data does not prevent inclusion in this assessment.
  • That appropriate data agreements are in place for transfer and publication.
    • Some funders may require legal documentation to allow transfer of award data.
    • Agreements must be made with the MRC, which manages the UK Health Research Analyses on behalf of the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC); a public, charitable and private sector collaboration tasked with ensuring better coordination of health research across the UK.
    • As part of our commitment to wider use, we also ask that the available award-level data are published as part of our final analysis public dataset.
    • These public datasets have provided a vital resource to inform future decision making and facilitated wider cooperation across the health research sector.

If your organisation is interested in joining the UK Health Research Analyses the MRC project management team are available to discuss all aspects of the data collection and analysis. Please contact Dr Jim Carter at the MRC for more information, via the HRCS website.