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UKCRC Health Research Classification System

Inflammatory and immune system

Main inclusion criteria

Rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue diseases, autoimmune diseases, allergies and normal development and function of the immune system.


Advice on health categories

Includes listed immune diseases and studies of normal immune response.

Also includes natural tolerance and immunity to infections. However studies involving the acute immune response to infection should be coded as Infection; in general, any research with a specified infectious / pathogenic agent should only be coded as Infection.

Most diseases are associated with an inflammatory response. In general, code to the disease under investigation and not to the accompanying inflammatory response. The most common examples of this approach are:

  • Asthma – which should be coded as Respiratory. However studies of allergies in asthma sufferers can be coded as 50% Inflammatory and Immune System for allergies and 50% Respiratory for asthma.
  • Atherosclerosis –  which is coded as 100% Cardiovascular regardless of whether the investigation involves immune cells.

The exception to this rule is Sepsis, which should be coded 50% Infection and 50% Inflammatory and Immune System.

Official terminology

Full name of category

Short name Unique ID
Inflammatory and immune system Immune



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