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UKCRC Health Research Classification System

Reproductive health and childbirth

Main inclusion criteria

Fertility, contraception, abortion, in vitro fertilisation, pregnancy, mammary gland development, menstruation and menopause, breast feeding, antenatal care, childbirth, postnatal care and complications of newborns.


Advice on health categories

Includes studies of ante and post natal care such as issues affecting newborns.

Includes studies of the effects of exposure to factors while in utero if focussed on the foetus or newborns. If the study is about the long term effects on children or adults, where the foetus is not involved in the investigation, the Reproductive Health and Childbirthcategory should not be used.

Studies of sexual health should be coded 50% Reproductive Health and Childbirth and 50% Infection, unless the study involves a specified pathogenic agent (such studies should be coded as 100% Infection).

May include studies of reproductive hormones.

Excludes basic developmental studies in non-human models.

Official terminology

Full name of category

Short name Unique ID
Reproductive health and childbirth Reproduction



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