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UKCRC Health Research Classification System

1.2 Psychological and socioeconomic process

Main inclusion criteria

Studies that do not address health directly but cover issues that may have a bearing on health and well-being including

  • perception, cognition and learning processes
  • social and cultural beliefs
  • individual or group characteristics and behaviours
  • politics, economies and urban development
  • development and characterisation of model systems


Advice on research activities

This includes all normal psychological studies of behaviour, memory and cognitive processes. If the study also involves mapping brain structure it should be double coded 1.1 Biological and 1.2 Psychological and, correspondingly, 50% Neurological and 50% Mental Health.

Excludes studies investigating psychological disorders, however it may be appropriate for studies using patients as controls to understand normal function. 

Official terminology

Full Name

Short Name Unique ID
1.2 Psychological and socioeconomic processes 1.2 Psychological