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UKCRC Health Research Classification System

2.5 Research design and methodologies (aetiology)

Main inclusion criteria

Development of aetiological and epidemiological research designs, measures and methodologies including

  • methodological innovation and modelling complex epidemiological data
  • development and evaluation of novel research designs
  • development of epidemiological research measurements including outcome measures
  • development of analytical and statistical methods to understand disease cause, susceptibility and risk including genetic linkage and association studies


Advice on research activities

Is primarily used for epidemiology methodological development and informatics studies of genetic linkages associated with diseases.

Excludes development of novel methodologies and research designs and measurements in treatment, management and health services research which is 8.4 Research design.

Official terminology

Full name of code

Short name Unique ID
2.5 Research design and methodologies (aetiology) 2.5 Design



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