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UKCRC Health Research Classification System

2.3 Psychological, social and economic factors

Main inclusion criteria

Research into psychological conditions, or research into the cause, risk or development of disease, conditions or ill health associated with social, psychological and economic factors including

  • individual or group behaviours and lifestyle
  • cultural or religious beliefs or practices
  • ethnicity, age and gender differences
  • socioeconomic factors


Advice on research activities

Includes aetiological studies on psychological illnesses as well as psychological social and economic causes of disease or conditions.

Includes epidemiological studies of behavioural determinants of ill health or risk of ill health.

Excludes studies of normal cognitive processes such as memory, learning and speech which should be coded as 1.2 Psychological.

Excludes characterisation of the biological cause of psychological conditions which should be coded as 2.1 Endogenous risks – however 2.3 Psychological risks can also be used if the study includes investigation of symptoms and characteristics of the psychological condition.

Official terminology

Full name of code

Short name Unique ID
2.3 Psychological, social and economic factors 2.3 Psychological risks