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UKCRC Health Research Classification System

Analysis data

Executive Summary

The UKCRC promotes the use of the data collected for the UK Health Research Analyses. The processes by which data is collected and how the data is published are detailed in the ‘Data Collection’ sections for each report.

The datasets used in the analyses are also made freely available and can be found at the bottom of this page. You are welcome to make use of these data but:

  1. We strongly recommend you contact us if you are seeking to re-analyse the public datasets.
    • These datasets have been collated specifically for these analyses and timepoints – analyses conducted outside of these conditions may require updates from the contributing organisations
    • We also use a bespoke methodology for the analysis which may not be appropriate for all studies of health research funding data
  2.  Any re-use of the data or figures should be fully acknowledged with formal citations in any publications that use this information.
    • This helps us to better understand the value of these data to the research community and ensure that the UK Health Research Analyses continue to provide supportive information for research in the future


UK Health Research Analyses Datasets


Citing the most recent analysis (2022)

When citing the report and/or onward use of the dataset please use the following acknowledgement:

“UK Health Research Analysis 2022 (UK Clinical Research Collaboration , 2023)”.

The reports in the UK Health Research Analysis series, their associated data and the HRCS coding system are available for onward use as part of our creative commons licence.

The UKCRC encourages the further use of all UK Health Research Analysis data. We hope that continued use will emphasise that availability of portfolio information and sharing funding data can be of great benefit to research organisations and provide evidence for more strategic decision making.