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UKCRC Health Research Classification System

Trainer resources

Resources for HRCS Trainers

This page contains links to the resources used by HRCS trainers. It is intended as a central resource for those sufficiently experienced in HRCS coding to help them train additional staff in the use and application of HRCS.

These resources were originally developed by Dr. Andrew Speakman and Dr. Anna Smith, who were involved in the original UKCRC analysis in 2004/05 and maintain an interest in the HRCS. They have kindly agreed to allow their resources to be made more widely available and adapted as the use of HRCS grows and requirements for coding advice changes.

The current resources provided here were updated following training sessions conducted in November 2015 by Dr. James Carter, the project manager for the UK Health Research Analysis 2014. The trainer pack consists of three MS PowerPoint slide sets:

Main Presentation (.pptx Slides) – These provide an introduction for new coders to the background/history of the UKCRC and HRCS, alongside the main ‘approach to coding’ training slides.    Approximate course length = 1-1.5hrs.

Example Abstracts (.pptx Slides) – These provide the trainees with some example abstracts to code. The purpose is to guide the trainees through the process of coding using real abstracts, with some extensive guidance and discussion of the issues that might lead to incorrect or inappropriate coding.    Approximate course length = 1.5-2hrs.

Advanced Slideset (.pptx Slides) – These condense much of the information from the main guidance on the HRCS website into a training session format. This slideset is therefore designed for a more advance course, to refresh those who have experienced the ‘standard’ training by provide a greater level of detail for coders.    Approximate course length = 1.5-2hrs.

Further details, such as PDF handouts for trainees, can be found on the main HRCS Training page.

Otherwise contact us if you have further questions.