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UKCRC Health Research Classification System

Resources and infrastructure

Advice on research activities

The Resources and infrastructure code within every research activity code group is used to categorise three types of funding:

  1. Generation of resources for distribution to and/or use by the wider community e.g. DNA banks. This category is distinct from ‘resources’ that are developed for use within individual research awards e.g. informatics programmes that may be published on the internet.
  2. Funding to support the infrastructural component of networks, research centres and consortia.
  3. Large units containing multiple projects covering diverse research aims that cannot be captured within the limit of four research activity codes.

Note that if an award is focused directly on the research carried out by a network or centre, it should be coded to the appropriate research activity code(s) that reflects the aim(s) of the research and not to the Resources and infrastructure code. There may be circumstances where it is suitable to assign both a research code and a Resources and infrastructure code.


Main inclusion criteria

  • development and/or distribution of resources for general use by the research community including equipment, cell lines, tissue and DNA banks, and genomic and proteomic sequence resources
  • infrastructure to support research networks, consortia and centres


Official terminology

Full name of code

Short name Unique ID
2.6 Resources and infrastructure (aetiology) 2.6 Resources



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