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UKCRC Health Research Classification System

Stratified medicine, precision medicine and personalised medicine

Advice on research activities

Classification of research is context dependent and the coding guidance for assigning research activities is to identify the appropriate main code group first, then assigning a sub-code within it.

If the work relates to diagnostic or prognostic testing to inform treatment decisions, it would be more appropriate to code to 4 Detection and Diagnosis; in most cases using 4.1 Discovery for pre-clinical development and 4.2 Evaluation for clinical use.

If the work is development of new treatments in a pre-clinical or model setting, it would be more appropriate to code to 5 Treatment Development. This includes studies of pharmacogenetics for new therapeutics, which shold be coded as 5.1 Pharmaceuticals.

If it is clinical research using a precision medicine approach then it would be more appropriate to code to 6 Treatment Evaluation for the intervention being evaluated.